Driving Financial Inclusion with Save Now, Buy Later

In today’s world, the dream of owning essential products and accessing vital services often seems like an unattainable reality for many. But amidst these challenges, innovative solutions like Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL) are reshaping the landscape of financial inclusion, and at the forefront of this movement stands Flexpay—a  merchant-embedded financial platform that redefines purchasing by empowering  customers to acquire essential goods and services without relying on traditional credit models, providing a sustainable and credit-free alternative.

Moreover, SNBL benefits not only buyers but also merchants, offering flexible payment arrangements that enable them to convert sales at their full value. This mutually beneficial arrangement drives economic growth and prosperity for all stakeholders involved, potentially boosting merchant revenue by up to 30%.

Beyond its immediate impact on buyers and sellers, SNBL addresses the needs of those who have long been excluded from the formal financial system. By providing a digital oasis amidst a desert of financial uncertainty, SNBL becomes a lifeline for individuals grappling with irregular resources and inadequate banking infrastructure. Through last-mile distribution and digitalization, Flexpay is breaking down barriers and empowering millions to actively participate in the economy.

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At the heart of Flex pay’s mission is a commitment to serving the underserved—10 million middle- and upcoming middle-class individuals in Kenya, and a staggering 580 million underbanked and unbanked individuals across the rest of the continent. Through SNBL, Flexpay offers a merchant-embedded save-to-own experience that incentivizes customers to save for both small and large purchases directly with merchants.

In essence, SNBL isn’t just a financial solution; it’s a pathway to a more equitable and prosperous future. With Flexpay leading the charge, the future of financial inclusion in Africa shines brighter than ever.

 Join us on this journey towards a better tomorrow, one savings goal at a time.


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