FlexPay for Good

1.Empowering Financial Inclusion: FlexPay is dedicated to bridging the affordability gap and empowering underserved communities across Africa by providing accessible and flexible financial solutions.

2.Transforming Lives Through Savings: At FlexPay, we believe in the transformative power of savings. Our innovative Save Now Buy Later platform enables individuals to achieve their dreams and aspirations while building a brighter financial future.

3.Driving Positive Social Impact: FlexPay is committed to driving positive social impact by fostering economic empowerment, promoting financial literacy, and supporting sustainable growth in the communities we serve.

Increased Access to Essential Services

for 300,000+ People

69% Being Women.

Enhanced Basic Standards of Living

for 900,000+ People.

Income Generation for

4000+ FlexPay Agents

Over 30% Increased Revenue

& Customer Engagement for 800+ Merchants