Start small, Save BIG!

When you think of a Sacco, what comes to mind? A saving community that allows you to have financial independence or the ability to access huge loans you couldn’t access on others platform? Whichever you select, here at Flexpay, we say BOTH!!

Our customers are our top priority and we always listen to what they say. Therefore, in response to 70% of our customer’s feedback, we are launching a new product called FLEXSAKO. Just like normal saccos, this product allows it’s members to save monthly in their account and also access loans 3x their savings. However, it does not have shares and dividend but instead has bonuses. After a saving period of 365 days the member gets to withdraw their savings There are a few questions you might have so to explain how it works we will use a case example of Alex. – Alex is interested to join and pays a registration fee of Ksh 1000 – He fills in his registration form and starts his monthly savings – After 3 months Alex is able to access credit 3x his savings but might require a guarantor (Alex can decide to take or not take a loan) – Alex continues to save monthly (can contribute polepole) – After 365 days he is able to withdraw his savings – Alex continues saving for another 365 days – After Flexsako’s calendar year, Alex received his bonus

There are many reasons for joining Flexsako that range from bonuses to accessing emergency credit but what we want at Flexpay is to instill a saving culture in all our customers. Nothing makes us happier than hearing testimonies of people who have gained financial independence after using our services. Go to our website and join us today. LET’S MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE

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